Building a pipeline of allogeneic, off-the shelf, multi-virus specific T-cell therapies

At AlloVir (formerly ViraCyte) it’s our mission to develop and deliver transformative cell therapies for patients suffering from life-threatening virus-associated diseases. We are the leader in the clinical development of novel cell therapies designed to restore natural T-cell immunity against devastating virus-associated diseases in immunocompromised patients, including stem cell and organ transplant recipients. AlloVir has built an innovative technology platform developed by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine’s Center for Cell and Gene Therapy. Our proprietary technology platform delivers commercially scalable, “ready-to-administer” solutions by leveraging off-the-shelf, allogeneic, multi-virus specific T-cells, designed to treat or prevent multiple devastating virus-associated diseases. We are now planning and advancing mid- and late-stage clinical trials across our growing product pipeline.